Sunday, 25 March 2007

A Brand New Friend

Now I am a great book lover and I have stumbled across the works of Mike Gayle. Gayle, who is better known as the brother of newsreader, Phil Gayle has been writing hit books for years but I have never gotten round to reading them. Feeling bored one day I took a browse through my book collection (which I admit is pretty huge) and I found his latest book 'Brand New Friend.' I got right into it and have been unable to put it down. 'Brand New Friend' is the story of Rob, a bit of a commitment-phobe, who decides to take the plunge and move to Manchester to be with his girlfriend. Everything is fine, he lives in a lovely house with his lovelier girlfriend and is really enjoying his work but there is one thing - he doesn't have any mates in Manchester. As much as he tries he is finding it hard to make new ones and is dismayed when his girlfriend puts an ad in a local magazine for him to make new mates. Then his luck changes and he meets Jo who he clicks with but the problem is that Jo is a lady. This book really raises questions about friendships and the relationships we make. The only question I have to ask is how can a guy be so good at writing scintillating chick lit. I am halfway through this book and it is fabulous and I am off to buy the rest of Gayle's titles.