Sunday, 31 August 2008

Breakfast Club 2.0

It is good to know that the wonders of The Breakfast Club have not been forgotten. As well as the social psychologically issues that the 80s film raised there is also the kookish vibe, pop rock music and edgy fashion. These elements all packaged together created a wonderful form of pop culture that remains true today. So it is no wonder that US store, JC Penney has used the format of The Breakfast Club as a TV advert. Made by advertising supremos, Saatchi and Saatchi, the commercial which is called 'Get That Look' shows the famous bits from the film. We see five teenagers arrive at school for detention and see them performing the antics that we saw in the iconic film with an updated version of the theme soundtrack being played. It is really is a cute sight to see and I only have one question. What took them so long? Check out the advert above and tell me what you think.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Lipstick Jungle Fever

Candace Bushnell must be patting herself on the back. Not only has she just turned 50 but her book turned TV series, Lipstick Jungle has made the cut in the US by being commissioned for a second series and to top that off it has also been picked up in the UK. The show that has been billed as the grown up Sex and the City features three women who are high players in New York. For a complete lowdown on the show read my previous blog here. The promotional campaign for Lipstick Jungle will be the biggest yet, for the launch. Living TV have gone all out in making sure that all and sundry are aware of Lipstick Jungle. Living TV in conjunction with Coffee Republic will be introducing Lipstick lattes - vanilla flavoured coffees and Lipstick cupcakes - with a kiss shaped icing to celebrate the show. There will also be Lipstick Jungle branding on coffee cup sleeves, screen savers, tables and posters in the cafes. As well as advertorials in Heat magazine there will be cover wraps in London free sheets papers such as London Lite and London Paper. Another exciting element to the marketing mix will be branded Oyster cards with dinky mirrors so Lipstick Junglers can check out their looks en route to work. You have been warned, you are entering Lipstick Jungle Fever.

Check out The Times' feature on Candace Bushnell here.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency

One of the joys and consolation from reaching the end of summer is the start of the new season. For me this means the return of the slick Gossip Girl, the hilarious Ugly Betty that came to an abrupt end following the writer's strike and a second series of Lipstick Jungle. Add that to the debut of 90210 which is a sequel to the popular Beverly Hills 90210 and you would be safe to say that we have a cracking season to look forward to. However a new series that has really got me gripped is the hilarious, The Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency (JDMA). Ms Dickinson touts herself as the world's first famous supermodel but is famous for her stints in America's Next Top Model. She is also infamous for her barbed wire comments and one liners. Janice, who is now on her fourth series of the show does not hold back and shoots from the hip. As I have mentioned many times before, I am not a fan of modelling shows but this programme has had me transfixed. Janice has had many shows up her sleeve such as the luck lustre, Janice & Abbey where she tried to turn model and WAG, Abby Clancy into a premier model. This show did not exactly set the world on fire and was cancelled after the first series. It does seem that Janice has hit the jackpot with JDMA as it has all the ingredients of a very entertaining show. To go with this new show, Janice also has a fantastic new website called Love Janice that contains information about the show as well as her sharp edged observations on modelling and life.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Rachel Zoe Project

I have just seen a preview of this show and it is certainly riveting. The Rachel Zoe Project is a behind the scenes documentary that shows the glamorous life of super stylist, Rachel Zoe. Not content with dressing the beautiful A list stars and appearing in style magazine, Ms Zoe is to be star of her own reality show. Well why not, everyone else seems to be. You get to see Rachel smooching with a lot of famous folks, trying on glorious outfits and globe trotting, however this show is really an insight into her work and private life. We meet her two assistants, Taylor and Brad who seem to spend more time bitching and bickering than actually working. Rachel's hubby, Rodger who does something in banking but looks like he would be more at home in art gallery is also on hand.

The concept of The Rachel Zoe Project is to show what it is like to be a top Hollywood stylist. Such as how Ms Zoe juggles demanding deadlines, numerous fashion shows and celebrity clients as well as visiting designers at their showrooms and coast to coast hunting for unique clothes and accessories. The work aspect of Rachel's life is certainly interesting. Feisty, Taylor is a real character and in a lot of her scenes she comes across as very over bearing. This does not mesh well with newbie, Brad who lacks experience in the world of fashion and boy does Taylor make him pay for his mistakes. Unfortunately, the diminutive stylist is too preoccupied with maintaining her uber status to deal with office politics plus there is also hubby who is getting a tad bit tetchy and bitchy about the lack of attention he is getting.

Overall The Rachel Zoe Project looks entertaining enough but whether it gives you a lot of knowledge about the fashion business I do not know. The show seems a bit flaky in some parts and Rachel herself does not seem to have the kind of personality to pull off a show like this. She is not quirky, funny or even gorgeous enough to keep you glued to the screen. In short she is just not watchable plus that croaky voice gets grating after a while.

The Rachel Zoe Project airs on 8th September on Bravo.