Friday, 29 August 2008

Lipstick Jungle Fever

Candace Bushnell must be patting herself on the back. Not only has she just turned 50 but her book turned TV series, Lipstick Jungle has made the cut in the US by being commissioned for a second series and to top that off it has also been picked up in the UK. The show that has been billed as the grown up Sex and the City features three women who are high players in New York. For a complete lowdown on the show read my previous blog here. The promotional campaign for Lipstick Jungle will be the biggest yet, for the launch. Living TV have gone all out in making sure that all and sundry are aware of Lipstick Jungle. Living TV in conjunction with Coffee Republic will be introducing Lipstick lattes - vanilla flavoured coffees and Lipstick cupcakes - with a kiss shaped icing to celebrate the show. There will also be Lipstick Jungle branding on coffee cup sleeves, screen savers, tables and posters in the cafes. As well as advertorials in Heat magazine there will be cover wraps in London free sheets papers such as London Lite and London Paper. Another exciting element to the marketing mix will be branded Oyster cards with dinky mirrors so Lipstick Junglers can check out their looks en route to work. You have been warned, you are entering Lipstick Jungle Fever.

Check out The Times' feature on Candace Bushnell here.

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We are looking to source Brooke Sheilds Dress in this photo. Any ideas?