Monday, 30 April 2007

Moss Definately Not

Now you will have to be blind or dead not to realise that a certain Kate Moss has just launched her 'so-called' collection at Topshop. The media has gone completely crazy; the anticipated launch is being covered in all the newspapers and it was on the BBC this morning. Nice to know where our TV licence money is going to. I even heard a PR lady cancelling a product launch for tomorrow because she did not want it to clash with Katie's day. Jesus, what is the world coming to? Topshop are certainly hyped up for the grand occasion and even though the launch is not until tomorrow, the flag ship store in Oxford Street opened its door at 8pm to day till 12pm so Mossettes can get their little mitts on the garments and just so everyone can get a fair crack at Kate's little gems, buyers are only limited to five items. And there I was thinking that we lived in a free society.

The media fascination with Croydon's finest bemuses me, I can take or leave Kate Moss but I do wonder exactly what her input was in creating her line of clothes. There have been comments from snooty fashionistas that the collection is just a rehash of her own wardrobe and some people have even said that the stuff looks like something from cheapo shop, Primark. Ouch!!
Check it out for yourself. Well celebrities 'designing' their own collections is becoming de rigour with Madonna hooking up with Hennes and flopping and who can forget the mayhem that Stella McCartney caused when she launched her stock at the same store a couple of years ago. Still at least McCartney was a bonafide designer but one thing for sure you will not catch me spending my hard earned cash on Kate's 'so-called' designs. I have better things to do with my money and find the idea of buying items from her wardrobe very boring. I wouldn't say no to the Sainsbury's bag that was designed by fashion designer, Anya Hindmarch. Dubbed 'I'm not a plastic bag,' the ethos of the product is to encourage recycling and cut down the usage of plastic bags. Take it from me, that is one cool bag and it is no surprise that people queued up in the morning to get one. The bag was sold for £5 but there were rumours of the bags being flogged on eBay for £500. Not bad eh.