Monday, 22 January 2007

Trendy Bag

When I was at University my Mum used to send me off with all sorts of goodies; rice and stew, carnation milk, digestives etc. You name it and it was in there. She used to put all the yummy food in a blue and red check bag that was made out of some hard wearing fabric. These bags were so tough that the straps wore your hands out after a while and they were so sturdy that they could hold a baby elephant. Well these gems came in various sizes; small, medium, large and larger. My mum used to get them from Brixton market and they were very popular among the African contingent. In fact my fellow Nigerian mate at Uni used to call them "The African bags" and whenever we saw a brother or a sister with one we would smile between ourselves and go "Yep, one of our lot." Well ladies and gents, according to The London Paper, that bag is the new Balenciago. Dubbed the market carrier, it was featured in the paper last week after bling luggage designer, Louis Vuitton featured it as part of his fashion show for his spring/summer 07 collection. Of course Vuitton's version is made out of more fancy material - woven leather - and has an even fancier price tag of £1,000 compared to the mere £1 that the African bag is sold for at various markets. I better rush off and tell my Mum how hip she is.

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