Saturday, 1 March 2008

Made in Medway

Medway is not regarded as one of the highlights of the Kent county. Tucked away in the south east, the area comprises of four towns; Strood, Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham. While Rochester lives up to its Dickensian heritage with a charming high street, Cathedral and castle to boot, the other towns are in huge need of a face lift. It looks like the cries have been answered as millions of pounds is being pumped into the area in order to regenerate it. However, one area that does not need any assistance is the creative quarter that reside in Medway. Fashion designers, photographers, artists, graphic designers and sculptures, whether born or made in Medway have all made their mark here. It is very fitting that a book that encompasses this creativity has been launched. Made in Medway is a book that celebrates the creative community in Medway by profiling 27 different creatives (individuals and organisations) and asking them what the area means to them. Written by fellow creatives, Steve Rowland and Bianca Donnelly, the book is akin to a coffee table one and each profile has a large picture of the relevant creative as well as several questions about their work and about Medway. As I live in this area (I moved here four years ago) and I am a creative, I am very passionate about the place and keen to know what is going on. Needless to say I found this book very inspiring and was very sad when I came to the end. More please!! If you want to find out more about the book then check out the Made in Medway website. In case you are interested there is also a blog as well.

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Very cool--it's great to have good resources on the happenings where you're from.