Saturday, 11 October 2008

The City

Hooray, my favourite Hiller, Whitney Port has at last been granted her own fly on the wall show. Next year we will see the LA native move from her home town to the Big Apple after landing a job with iconic designer, Diane Von Furstenberg where she will pursue a brand new life with love and friends thrown into the mix. The show is titled, The City and Whitney will be able to offer more than the predicted pre-emptive questions to Lauren Conrad about her dramatic life as we have seen in the last four series of The Hills. Smart, sassy and classy, Ms Port really has all the attributes that are needed to front a fantastic reality series. She may be regarded as the quiet and steady one in a show that is full with drama queens and a great friend to Lauren but there is something about her that is so intriguing. So it will be interesting to see the angle that MTV take on the show we all know that The Hills is scripted but Whitney does not have the volatile nature of Lauren or her drama fueled lifestyle. Therefore there is a danger that The City may not get the huge ratings of The Hills but if the producers play it right they could have a slick and savvy show on their hands. With Philip Lim, Marchesa and Valentino down as her favourite designers, we expect to see Whitney boasting a stellar wardrobe and rocking that amazing NYC lifestyle combined with living in a stunning loft. Her stints at Teen Vogue and fashion PR company, People's Revolution will certainly hold her in good stead.

The City will be aired on MTV in early 2009.

Check it Out
If you are doubtful as to whether Ms Port has what it takes to rock her own reality show then check out this trailer below.

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MsQuiche said...

Whitney is also my favourite Hills member, but I'm not sure if she has the personality to captivate viewers for a whole TV series. The show will definitely have to focus on her working life opposed to personal.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I can not wait for this show!!!

etoilee8 said...

I cannot watch these shows about these spoiled, entitled American teens. Do you guys know how much MTV pays them per an episode? It's way more than deserving.

Ondo Lady said...

Whatever they get paid I think they deserve every penny because the shows is SO funny and entertaining. Also it cannot be easy to put your business out like that and to have a camera following you round 24/7.