Sunday, 16 November 2008

Grazia LIVE

Those ingenious lot at Grazia have taken magazine journalism one step further by producing a special Grazia Live issue. In celebration of Westfield, the whole team - 46 of them - packed up everything lock stock and barrel and headed down to the country's brand new spanking shopping centre to set up up office. Courtesy of Habitat, the Grazia team took up residence in a cool perspex pod which is literally a fishbowl and set about producing the magazine. Westfield, in case you have been in a deep coma is Europe's newest and largest urban shopping centre and as it holds a whooping 271 high street and designer stores, is a perfect venue for the shopping obsessed Grazia.

You can imagine that producing a weekly magazine must be pretty fast paced at the best of times but doing it in a bustling shopping centre where you are totally exposed to the public must be totally frantic. However, the nation's top magazine of the year did not stop there and also found time to do a live model casting, run a competition to find Grazia's Next Top Intern as well as hosting five daily fashion seminars. Phew all that makes me feel dizzy but all the crazy hard work paid off and we have a cracking issue - all 148 pages.

You can watch the rest of the Grazia in Westfield's episodes here.

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s. said...

i adore your blog. keep up the wonderful work.

Angel said...

Im going to watch all of them!

Style Canteen said...

Hey lovely blogger lady.. thanks for dropping by, and yes ! keep up the fabulosity girl!