Tuesday, 30 June 2009

NYC Prep

Oh no they didn’t! Oh but they have. Bravo TV are airing a reality version of Gossip Girl – no not Schooled that I blogged about here or Gossip Girl: Real NYC Stories Revealed, which I featured here. NYC Prep is a docu drama that depicts the lives of six teenagers who live a privilege existence in an affluent part of New York. The teenagers range from 15 to 18 and attend the most elite schools in Manhattan and live in a world where credit cards, Blackberrys and cellphones are the norm.

Jessie is a feisty social mover who dreams of a life in fashion, she hangs out with Peter Peterson aka PC an obnoxious 17 year old who is rather jaded and quite clearly being pushed as the Chuck Bass of the group. Jessie and PC used to date and now they are just best friends. Kelli is kind of a latchkey kid who shares an apartment with her 18 year old brother while her parents pop in once a week from the Hamptons. Kelli wants to be a singer hence the fact that she moved back to the city so when she is not working making demos in the recording studio she is spending time with Camille, an over achiever who has her heart set on Harvard. Camille has quite the acid tongue and does not suffer fools gladly. The eye candy of the group is French speaking Sebastian whose main goal is hook up with as many girls as possible. Last but not least is Taylor, the Jenny Humphries of the set. Taylor is the only one that attends public school and spends most of her time trying to fit in with her much richer peers.

The kids in NYC Prep have a fabulous lifestyle; they have great clothes, great apartments, unlimited access to money and great hair. Their activities involve eating out in swanky restaurants, shopping in designer boutiques, attending fashion shows and launches at art galleries. The similarities between GG are obvious with the same playing field in common and to a certain extent absentee parents but I would go out on a limb and say that NYC Prep is more like the East Coast version of Laguna Beach. It is not a work of art and Bravo TV's new show makes very entertaining and envious watching.

Check out a clip from the show below.

NYC Prep airs on Tuesdays on Bravo TV.

3 cool comments:

Kwana said...

Having teens right outside of NY make this so hard to watch. I just want to give them a smack. Parenting sucks sometimes.

Ondo Lady said...

LOL They are actually not that bad, just kids with too much money and freedom.

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