Monday, 4 July 2011

Dirty Sexy Things

Perou is one of the world's celebrated photographers who has flown round the world shooting famous, rich and beautiful people. His new project is an exhibition of photographs with eight diverse models which he will launch later in the year but first of all he needs to find the models. He has a criteria in mind such as the bombshell model, the kooky quirky model, beefcake guy, Russian beauty, diva goddess and a strange looking guy. The first thing he does is hold a casting X Factor style where all the hopefuls turn up. Some of the entries have a bit of experience and some are complete novices. Charlotte, 22 is a stunning redhead who resembles Twiggy, she has been working in the industry for two years and has specialised in lingerie. Jessye B, 19 is an African Caribbean model who has done mainstream campaigns such as TK Maxx, ASOS and Vue Cinema. She is described as funky modern and street. Ocean, 24 is the urbanite who is very quirky looking, she has worked for Vogue and walked in one of Kate Moss's shows. Jesse, 19 been described as a young and preppy Jude Law. He has worked for French Connection, Lacoste and Jack Willis. He spends his spare time in an indie band called Lux. Ariella, 21 is the commercial blonde bombshell who is a bit of a veteran, she has been working since she was 14 in Milan and has done several runway shows. Jay, 21 been modelling for two years and has an edgy and urban look but he is recovering from an eating disorder and still fragile. However this has not detered him from landing campaigns with Pure London, Kurt Geiger and Puma. Lord Rob, 28 been modelling for nine years, he is a sports junkie and has a muscular frame which limits his modelling assignments. He is an underwear model and has been in campaigns for Next and Kent & Curwen as well as gracing the cover of Men's Fitness. BB aka Black Beauty, 24 is a professional dancer who wants to model full time - mean while he performs with the likes of Alexandra Burke, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

Their first assignment is London Fashion Week where they have to go for castings to be selected for fashion shows. Dirty Sexy Things is intriging because you get to find out about the models; their personal lives and their hopes and dreams. Unlike most modelling shows the models are not lumped together in a house instead we see them living in their natural environment. It is interesting seeing the models down at Somerset House which is the HQ for London Fashion Week (LFW). Seeing them milling in and out of castings and go sees. It is also very interesting to see LFW from a male perspective, as the event is very female dominated with only one day out six dedicated to men's fashion this makes it ultra competitive for the male models. Also it is fascinating to hear what a few female models think of LFW - Charlotte breaks it down for us - basically it is badly paid with models taking £50 to £150 per show. So much for not getting out of bed for less than $10,000 a day, Linda Evangelista eat your heart out. This is not a bad documentary because it shows the highlights and lows of working in the model industry. Some of the close up of private parts is unnecessary but if that is your thing then you are in for a treat.

Dirty Sexy Things is aired on Mondays at 10.00pm on E4.

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit I loved the crotch shots! lol no just kidding...
I am an avid trash tv watcher and this is pure gold. It could almost be disguised as informative but in reality when a show starts with "scenes have been created for your entertainment" it's guaranteed trash.
Based on the 1st episode I'm bracing my self for disliking Ariella...

Jessica said...

I have found this series so far really interesting.. I am completelely obsessed by anything relating to models and the industry and intrigued by the lives they lead, castings (one of my responsibilities when I worked with a London-based designer) and the constant controversy surrounding size and the non-conventional look agents and clients alike demand nowadays. Did you watch The Model Agency on Channel 4? Great viewing. Fun, fast-paced and again, completely consuming, entertaining and controversial. That's what makes the industry so great- and thrilling.

I think the black male model is gorgeous- he has such a striking, unusual face, piercing eyes, overt features and toned-to-perfection body. Ocean is also stunning.

Thanks for the in depth analysis of the programme.. great for people who have not yet had the chance to see it but that must! I think I might enjoy your blog immensley.. I am also obsessed with popular culture, media and film too! :)

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Ondo Lady said...

Anonymous - I love trash TV too and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Jessica - Yes I watched The Model Agency and I loved it, all the outrageous, OTT characters made me laugh. I hope the make another series.