Sunday, 25 November 2007

Branded Beer

Imagine the scenario, you are getting married and you are deciding on the beverages to serve at your wedding reception. The usual suspects are selected such as wine, spirits, champagne and of course beer. I have stumbled across a fantastic little gem called; bottles of beer that can be personalised with any message or image. Yup, you get bottles of beer with your cute mug on them with any message that you wish. I think the idea is amazing, at Nigerian weddings it is traditional for the happy couple to give the guests quirky gifts such as key rings, plates, ladles and bags and some have their picture on them. So the branded beer would be perfect. This ingenious idea was created by two young Scottish Entrepreneurs called Stuart Ebdy and James Watt and the ethos behind it was to provide men with the ultimate gift for Xmas. For those of you who cannot wait to place an order this is how it works:

  1. You go to and pick the kind of beer you want.
  2. You upload a photo of the person the beer is for, (or anything else for that matter).
  3. Add a funny personalised message to the front and back labels.
  4. You can view a 3d visualisation of your beer bottle before you buy.
  5. Complete your order.
  6. Wait a day or two for it to arrive Then give it to someone or glug the lot yourself.

Psst, a little beer tells me that soon you will be able to order champagne, wine, lager and whiskey as well as water. Talk about living large.

4 cool comments:

beerProbe said...

very interesting, thanks for the reference, i'll look into it definitely

Anonymous said...

You can get a similar thing at but they sell wine, champagne and gift baskets. The labels look great!

bubblygirl said...

Definitely will keep that in mind for my hypothetical/potential wedding (to occur in probably 10-20 years hehehe!). BTW guy on the left is H-O-T

Anonymous said...

Branded beer now not only do personalised beer, but also do personalised wine, personalised champagne and personalised whisky!