Thursday, 13 December 2007

Eric Bompard

Well it is icy out there and cold enough for snow, so it is time for me to stop being vain and put on a woolly hat. More than 30% of your body heat is lost from the head so it makes sense to keep it nice and snuggly. Out on the streets of London I have seem many a chic gal and guy sporting cool wool hats in all shapes and colours. There is the peaked beanie, the rope button baker hat, the trilby, the cable knit with a cute rose and of course there is the beret. I received a cashmere hat and matching gloves through the mail this week from cashmere brand, Eric Bompard and I admit I felt very privileged. I have never experienced cashmere first hand and I was interested to find out if it was as luxurious and indulgent as everyone said it was. I was not disappointed because the material was lush and as soft as a baby’s bottom and felt oh so good against my skin. Eric Bompard is one of the big boys of French cashmere; to some they are linked to figure skating as the company sponsors Trophie Eric Bompard, a skating competition that takes place every year. How do I know this? well I am a complete and utter skating buff. Eric Bompard also have numerous boutiques including one on the Champs Elysee; the brand caters for the crème a la crème. The company has been trading for over 20 years after its founder, the one and only Eric Bompard traveled to Mongolia and discovered the concept of global cashmere production. "So Cashmere, So French" is their cool slogan and as far as I am concerned, so appropriate.

Eric Bompard is offering readers who like to indulge 20% off on 20 scarves, stoles and hats as long as you place an order before 24th December. Shipping to the UK is free.

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