Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Living etc

Now as you know I am a mag hag, although I have got better over years. Instead of buying zillion glossies each month, I now only buy a selected few and read the rest at Borders or standing in the aisles of WHSmiths. The magazines that are lucky enough to make it home with me are Grazia, Marie Claire (sometimes), Elle (sometimes), First (occasionally) and Living etc. Since I bought and revamped my house four years ago I have become obsessed with property and interiors. I watched all the shows, read all the books and attend lots of fairs. I cannot even remember how I discovered Living etc, I think I must have just picked it up when I was looking for something to read many moons ago; circa 2003. During that time it was edited by Jane Bruton who now heads Grazia magazine and it was full of great articles on doing up your home, tips on property renovations and it also contained the most wonderful pictures. Unlike Elle Decoration whose concept is aspirational bordering on avant garde, Living etc focuses on homes for modern living and zones in on the latest trends, stylish items and sheer gorgeousness. I was totally entranced when I first read it and I guess you can say I still am. Today Living etc is edited by Suzanne Imre and the magazine is just as fabulous as ever, I have about four year's worth of issues and each one is irreplaceable.

Check out their website here.

3 cool comments:

the muse said...

i am such a mag hag too. the one time i did an edit and threw them out, i needed one a month later. never again!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

do u ever check out domino? perhaps they don't have it in the uk...nonetheless it's pretty good to me.

Jelenie said...

I love Living etc! The spreads are so gorgeous. If only I can afford it every month. *sigh*