Monday, 28 July 2008

The Meeting Place

Now I am going to commit a blogger's cardinal sin by uttering those awful words. 'Cute sculpture!!' In case you do not know this sculpture takes centre stage at the newly revamped St Pancras International station where the Eurostar commences it's journey to the continent. It is a whooping 30 foot, sparkly bronze sculpture and I just love it. Designed by Brit artist, Paul Day, the concept is to show lovers embracing after being separate for some time. This fine work of art is aptly called The Meeting Place where travellers meet or say farewell to their loved ones. It is also on the same level of the champagne bar which is the longest in Europe. At prices of £10 a glass, I am sure it is one of the most expensive as well. For me the sculpture captures the romance, excitement and beauty of European travel as well as the trepidation. After all that is what new experiences are about - going into the unknown.

You can read an interview with Paul Day that was published in the Evening Standard here.

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Anonymous said...

this is brilliant, what a unique idea and beautifully presented. i love the idea of a 'meeting place' in london.

great blog :) i will definitly be reading again.