Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Observer Woman Monthly

There was a time when The Observer was seen as a paper for fuddy duddies. However with a funky modern look, the paper that only OAPs used to read is now appealing to the young and trendies. A lot of this has a lot to do with the fantastic supplements that are produced and distributed with the Berliner designed paper. As well as colourful sections on travel, sport, money and business, almost every week there is an Observer magazine. It all started back in 2000 when the much acclaimed Observer Sport Monthly ie OSM was launched. Packed with features and interviews, this was a glossy mag that not only looked good but was also a damm good read. Being the sports buff I am, I loved it. OSM was soon followed by Observer Food Monthly, inevitable considering the nation’s new obsession with food, then we had the Observer Music Monthly and last but not least, the Observer Woman Monthly aka OWM. With a staple diet of sex, relationships, style, shopping, health and beauty, OWM made its debut in January 2006 fighting for attention with the likes of YOU, Stella and Style. I will admit that not every issue has hit the mark for me and some have very much been hit and miss. Although OWM contains hard hitting features it lacks the beauty and appeal of supplements such as YOU and co. However, this month’s issue really outclasses itself. Using the theme of coolness, OWM combines the new up and coming faces of Britannia with some pure heavyweights; there is a four page interview with Pop goddess, Katie Grand, a meaty profile on Mary Portas from Mary Queen of Shops, a revealing profile on Biba founder, Barbara Hulanicki as well as a narrative from Julie Burchill telling is about her coolest moment. This is an issue I will certainly treasure and if you missed it, never mind because you can catch it online.

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MR style said...

oh cool project !! never heard of this but now i'll pay more attention near the newstands