Friday, 19 December 2008

Bride Wars

There is nothing like a wedding to bring out the evil in a person; the mother of the Bride gets over zealous, bridesmaids get competitive over dresses and the bride gets obsessed to the point of insanity. Is it a wonder that the show, Bridezilla is so popular? Anyone who has been involved in a wedding knows how crazy it makes you. Hence the upcoming release of the film, Bride Wars which stars Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway and is about two close friends who become embroiled in a wedding war. Liv played by Kate Hudson and Emma played by Anne Hathaway have been best mates forever and have shared everything including elaborate details of their dream wedding. So when the two of them get engaged at the same time they are both over the moon. However, circumstances beyond their control means that only one of them can have their dream venue so out come the fist cuffs. Every dirty trick and game you can imagine is carried and pretty soon Liv and Anne have a lot more to lose than their friendship. I have always had a soft spot for Kate Hudson ever since seeing her in the hilarious rom-com, How to Lose a Guy 10 Days and Anne Hathaway stole my heart in The Devil Wears Prada so this partnership is like dynamite to me.

Bride Wars is released on 9th January 2008

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coco said...

Loads of my friends think this film looks terrible but I can't wait to see it. I love Anne and Kate.

Also I'm sure your friend will love it, it's an amazing book, great interviews.