Monday, 15 December 2008

I HEART magazines

Well who would have thought that there was a credit crunch with all these magazine launches around. Over the past week or so I have read numerous stories about publications that are hitting the racks in the new year. It goes to show that no matter how harsh times get people still need their luxuries.

Well lets start with the newest kid on the block; Jamie magazine. Master chef and lead campaigner for healthy meals in schools, Jamie Oliver has gone and launched his own self titled, magazine. He has the TV shows, books, websites and now he has gone that one step further. Roll over Martha Stewart and Oprah, Mr Oliver is in town. Jamie magazine is a food and lifestyle publication that features over 100 recipes from Jamie himself and other top chefs around the world. Aesthetically, the publication is wonderful to look at with an amazing layout and wonderful photography. However, if it had just been an ordinary magazine I would not have given it a second look. This is for hard core foodie only or Jamie fans. Jamie is a bi-monthly publication.

Those who were unfortunate to catch Peaches Geldof's lame performance on her MTV documentary, Disappear Here might be interested to know that she has secured funding for the magazine. The documentary aired a few months back (read my blog about it here) and showed Ms Geldof launching a 'cool' urban magazine that covers in pop culture. With a mentor in James Brown, former Editor of the iconic, Loaded, Peaches launched the magazine earlier this month. Disappear Here is co-owned by James Brown, Bob Geldof and Peaches' manager, Andy Varley.

Another launch that is getting headlines by the hour is the cutely named, Love. Any mag with a name as cheesy as that (and I love my cheese) would be doomed by the start, however when you have the legend that is Katie Grand giving birth to you then anything is possible. Grand who brought us the phenomenal, Pop magazine was snapped up by Conde Nast a few months back to work on a title that was edgy and experimental. Love launches in February and the last I heard they had hired, former Heat editor, Mark Frith to be editorial consultant. Love will be a bi-annual publication.

Forget diamonds because it is apparent that magazines are a person's best friend.

Image from Creative Review

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Top Bird said...

I haven't had a chance to look at Jamie's mag and can't sneak a peek because it's all wrapped up on the newsstand.

Very excited about the launch of LOVE and more creative goodness from the very talented Katie Grand. I was really surprised to hear about Mark Frith's appointment but I guess he will offer much-need commercial sensibility in these tough times.

Rollergirl said...

Yeah, however bad the crunch gets I will still need my magazines! I'm not a foodie and I can't cook for toffee but the Jamie Oliver mag is really seductive - just beautiful. Looking forward to Love, I wonder how they'll make it different to what's already out there?