Sunday, 8 March 2009

Me, My Blog and I

A couple of months ago I was feeling down and a sent a text to a mate and she replied saying "You have a fabulous life; you go to great fashion shows and you have a great blog." I was like huh? Blogging is just a thing. Then I thought deep and hard; my blog may not be life and death but it is a lot of fun and makes me happy. I wonder how many other bloggers feel the same or maybe blogging is just something to do when they are bored. So I decided to interview five bloggers and ask them what part their blogs play in their lives. You can read the article here on Independent Fashion Bloggers. Tell me what you think.

2 cool comments:

Harlem Loves said...

Great idea, blogging definitely makes me happy too. Is a great release for my love of creative and expressive writing plus it's just nice to share these things with others.

PS I totally agree with your friend, your blog is fab :)

Angel said...

Good interviews dear.

Blogging for me is an expression of my life and it does make me happy.

You do have a great blog!