Saturday, 3 July 2010

Dirty Little Secret

I stumbled across this on Facebook. Back in the day companies would put out a brand on the market and promote it with the chosen marketing mix: you know a bit of editorial PR, adverts and shop positioning. However over the last few years a few companies have taken things a bit further by extending the brand into mini TV series. US Marie Claire has done it with their show Running in Heels and US Elle took part in Stylista but some brands have also produced online TV shows that raises the profile of their brands. For instance More magazine commisioned Candace Bushnell to write The Broadroom which covered high powered women in the workplace in conjunction with the release of Maybelline's new lipstick. Now we have Dirty Little Secret which is an animated 10 part web series about six sassy and glam ladies based in New York. The show which debuted in May covers the perils of aspiring hair stylist, Riley Kendrick who finds herself thrust into the crazy world of fashion when she befriends top designer, Lauren Belle. Pretty soon she is on the list for all the high profile events and meeting chic people on the New York party scene. However such an enviable lifestyle comes with it's own problems. Riley needs to charm Lauren's highly successful party planner, Danielle Sinclaire and prove to her that she is worth the time of day and at the same time outwit Adison Parker, a powerful but cruel fashion blogger who will stop at nothing to get her next scoop. Thank heavens she has her best friend, Malina Vila Nova to confide in and get her out of scraps. Oh and there is the small matter that she and Lauren happen to be in love with the same guy. The show also features real life celeb hair stylist, Jeanie Syfu who the main characters tend to spill their hearts out to.

Dirty Little Secret is a joint project between and hair styling brand, TRESemme and the campaign includes social media engagement with Facebook and Twitter. The aim is to engage and entertain women on their terms using themes such as scandals, style and great hair. Well Dirty Little Secret does indeed entertain and I found myself drawn in straight away. The women are obviously inspired by Sex & the City which to me is getting very old but as each episode is fairly short they just about get away with it. Also the vibrancy of the characters makes the show very sparky - the fact that the characters are animated was a bit of a shock but after a while I kind of got into the groove and I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of the episodes. 

You can watch Dirty Little Secret on

Check out the blog by Adison Parker who is the fashion blogger from the show.

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