Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Single Women Can't Cook

I was watching that new series that started last week called Brothers and Sisters. It is a drama starring Calista Flockhart, she of Ally McBeal fame who plays Kitty Walker, a hard driven career woman. Brothers and Sisters is an ok drama, nothing remarkable apart from one scene where Kitty is making dinner for her boyfriend. She is on the phone and then we see her rush to the oven and take out some burnt dinner. Yep, girlfriend might kick ass as a TV host but she is totally wack in the kitchen. If that scene sounds familiar then it is probably because you have seen it a thousand times before. How many times have we seen single career women on TV being portrayed as undomesticated and unable to boil an egg? Let me see there was the tough DC Jane Tennison played by Helen Mirren in the award winning Prime Suspect who lived on recipe dishes. So lame was she in the culinary stakes that her boyfriend who was also a Policeman had to come round and rustle up a tasty dish for her after witnessing the sad contents of her fridge. Funny how he managed to cook and hold down a career at the same time. As much as I loved Sex and the City that show also let me down in the kitchen as well. Neither of my gals could cook to save their lives and in fact a couple of them seemed proud of it. The closest Miranda ever got to the kitchen was when she was putting her Chinese takeaway onto her fancy plates and Samantha only seem to go into her kitchen when she was looking for the wine corker. The hopeless Susan from Desperate Housewives couldn't cook either, oh and neither could Bridget Jones - the ultimate singleton. I once saw a documentary a few years ago about modern relationships where a bunch of guys where discussing the perils of the modern lady. One of them said that if you went to a young lady's home and you looked in her fridge you wouldn't see any food but you could bet on finding a couple of bottles of wine in there. How cheeky!!

I am a single woman but I can cook, in fact if I couldn't cook I would probably starve as there would be no-one else to cook for me. Either that or I would go bankrupt from eating out all the time. I am sure there are lots of single woman who cannot cook but there also are loads that can and I think it is ludicrous and harmful to consistently present single ladies who do not know one end of the kitchen to another. Most of the women I know simply adore cooking and love trying out new dishes and the majority of them have fantastic kitchens to cook in. With food being the new black and chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey now household names it is time TV bosses got real and started portraying single women in a realistic view. Great in the boardroom and fabulous in the kitchen. Thank god for Nigella Lawson with her wonderful foodie programmes, as well as the delightful programme, Dish it Up which features singers and best chums, Neneh Cherry and Andrea Oliver.

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Rollergirl said...

Oh dear I cannot cook to save my life. I just can't be bothered! Wouldn't it be fab to have a sitcom where the single girl was an amazing cook and as part of the show she could do little cookery demos or they could flash up a quick recipe? (No? Oh I quite like that idea...)

Ps, thanks for your comments...