Saturday, 10 January 2009

In the Name of the Blog

I am addicted to blogging; I find it fun, challenging and therapeutic. There is nothing like banging out a blog to put me at ease and get the juices flowing. I also love talking to other bloggers and finding out their thoughts and experiences and of course reading their blogs. In reality bloggers are a community and we share a bond that others cannot really understand, hence the creation of the Independent Bloggers Forum. This was set up by Jennine Tamm aka The Coveted to assist bloggers with developing their blogs into a commercial venture. While reading the forums I was struck by the originality and vibrancy of a lot of the blog names which led me to pen an article about it. The story has been published in the Independent Bloggers Forum and you can read it here.

Picture by Kevin N. Murphy

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Aramide said...

Hi Ronke! My name is Aramide & I discovered your blog through IFB. I'll definitely be checking you out regularly !Just wanted to give a shoutout to my fellow Nigerian blogger sista! Check me out if you'd like--->

The Stiletto Effect said...

I'm going to vote right now... :)
Keep in touch

Anonymous said...

make sure you keep blogging ondo lady, we love it!

i like your comment about blogging being therapeutic, i'd never have thought of that...but what else would you call it when one can get it all out the system without recourse to chemicals or violence ;-)