Friday, 30 January 2009

The Ting Tings

R&B and hip hop is the sort of music I like and occasionally I indulge my appetite for pop music. When I was in States last year there was one pop tune that was continuously bandied about in films, TV shows and on the radio. Shut Up and Let Me Go by The Ting Tings. With the slick production accompanied by a strong guitar vibe I quickly assumed that they were an American act. I was totally floored to find out that Jules de Martino and Katie White are British. Manchester born, Katie is described as being brassy, funny and bold and the type of lass who says it as she sees it. Her partner in crime, Jules is an mellow and cool Cumbrian. The duo have been working together for four years and are united in their crusade to rock the foundations of pop music. They are based at The Mill which is an artist community based in Salford; funnily enough both of them were in different groups when they first met which split. With Jules on the drums and Katie on vocals it is no surprise that The Ting Tings have been compared to The White Stripes.

Their first single, That's Not My Name went straight in at number one last May along with their album titled We Started Nothing. Other catchy tunes followed such as Fruit Machine and the infamous Shut Up and Let Me Go which was used for an iPod commerical here. Now The Ting Tings are being accosted with awards left, right and centre such as the Brit Awards, NME Awards and the XFM Awards. So what better way to celebrate such a fantastic year by jetting off on a world tour. Today the Ting Tings kicked off their first leg of a four month tour where they will visit Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, the US and the UK. Wow that's got me tingling all over.

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MsQuiche said...

I simply adore this group.

Kwana said...

I've heard this song so many times but never saw the video. Very cute. Thanks.