Friday, 13 February 2009

Marie Claire: On Tour with the Fashionistas

No fashion show would dream of starting without the following people on site: models, the designer, fashion editors and buyers. These people more or less are the shows in particular the models who show off the clothes and the designer who works through night and day to make them. Also whilst the buyers are fanned over and treated like gods the editors of magazines and newspapers are just as vital as they provide priceless editorial coverage that is worth its weight in gold. Good old Marie Claire have produced a feature that delves into the lives of these insiders in their March issue. Just to put a spin on things they travel round the fashion circuit to capture all the fashion weeks to give us a taste of New York, London, Milan and Paris. The featured fashionistas are model, Emma MacLaren, designer, Markus Lupfur who works for Armand Basi One, fashion editor, Arabella Greenhill who writes for Marie Claire and buyer, Holli Rogers who is employed by Net-A-Porter. I don't really buy Marie Claire that often as I think it has been looking a bit samey but that article really stood out to me. Not a bad read and a really fantastic insight into all the different elements that surround fashion week.

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