Monday, 9 February 2009

The Voguettes

So the Fashion Week marathon kicks off this Friday which will be a mega fest of fashion shows, launches and parties. Such a hard life eh? Who would want to be a fashion journo? New York, London. Milan and Paris hosts four of the most prestigious fashion weeks where the best designers across the globe take part in. Journalists from all over the world attend the shows to check out the latest trends; from indie websites, local bloggers to upscale glossy magazines. Of course no self respecting fashion show would start without the editors from Vogue(s) present. The magazine's influence on style and fashion is immense and a nod or shake by a certain bobbed editor has been known to break or make a designer's career. Anna Wintour (American Vogue), Alexandra Shulman (British Vogue), Franca Sozzani (Italian Vogue) and Carine Roitfeld (French Vogue) are the ladies who everyone will have their eye on during Fashion Week.

American Vogue - the commercial title that brings in the cash
Editor: Anna Wintour
Age: 60
Editorship: Since 1988
Previous: British Vogue, House and Garden
Trademark: Her razor sharp bobbed hair, sunglasses worn inside and clip British accent
Highs: Turning American Vogue from a flagging and staid publication to a very successful one. Being the subject of documentary, The September Issue.
Lows: Controversy over the April 08 issue with Gisele and LeBron James. Rumours that she is on her way out. 
In a nutshell: Anna is simply the most powerful woman in the fashion business and over the years has become a fashion icon. She is also known for her icy nature which makes her revered by her staff. The character, Miranda Priestley in The Devil Wears Prada is rumoured to be based on her. Anna expanded the Vogue brand by introducing  Teen Vogue, Vogue Living and Men's Vogue

British Vogue - The girl next door
Editor: Alexandra Shulman
Age: 51
Editorship: Since 1992
Previous: Columnist for Daily Telegraph and Editor of GQ
Trademark: Alexandra Shulman is probably the most ordinary and down to earth out of all the Vogue editors. If she walked into a room you would probably not look twice but she has a dry sense of humour and is not scared to voice her opinion.
Highs: Taking the magazine's readership to a million due to the legendary Gold issue that celebrated the Millennium.
Lows: Criticisms that she is making the magazine very bland by putting B list celebs such as singer and X Factor star, Cheryl Cole have been fired her way. Admitting to buying a dress from Victoria Beckham's collection was not her finest hour either. 
In a nutshell: Alexandra has proved herself to be a very savvy business woman who understands the publishing industry very well. Also she is always up for a fight hence her snarky remarks about Heat magazine in their hey day.

Italian Vogue - the arty one out of the bunch
Editor: Franca Sozzani
Age: Late 50s
Editorship: Since 1988
Previous:  Editor of LEI 
Trademark: Long flowing blonde hair, black coat over a black dark dress.
Highs: The all black issue that sold out immediately that they had to reprint more issues.
Lows: Although her All Black Italian issue was well recieved, The Africa Issue in L'Uomo Vogue was not so popular and Franca was accused by a journalist at The Washington Post for running magazines that are politically incorrect. 
In a nutshell: A woman who is not scared to take risks and put her money where her mouth is. Italian Vogue is testament to that as it is the least commercial out of the Vogues and often contains provocative images. 

French Vogue - the kooky cool one of the group
Editor: Carine Roitfeld
Age: 54
Editorship: Since 2001
Previous: Consultant for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent
Trademark: Just got out of bed hair, Brooke Shields eyebrows dressed in outfits with straps and buckles.
Highs: Persuading Kate Moss, Sofia Coppola and Charlotte Gainsborough to guest edit the magazine. Styling a model in a shoot that paid homage to Anna Wintour here, not sure if it was a compliment or if she was simply taking the piss.
Lows: An interview in the New York magazine where she declared her desire for her staff to be skinny and beautiful. 
In a nutshell: Carine breaks conventions in fashion by putting edgy and dark images in the magazine. Her approach to the magazine is pure abandonment with no concern for conventions. 

For more info on the four Queens of Fashion then check out this funky guide here.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post, but I think Anna Dello Russo of Vogue Japan could have been mentioned aswell to complete the bunch :)

Agnes Deer said...

Carine is def my favorite!

coco said...

I love this post. I hope I look as good as Anna when I'm 60.

Big City Bumpkin said...

nice post. it always amazes me how so few women can influence the taste of so many

Chic Chocolate said...

I LOVE French Vogue!!!!! Cool Post!!

Chic Chocolate said...

I love French Vogue!!! Cool Post!!