Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Noisettes

What can I say? I love her style, her voice and her rhythm and there is no doubt that Shingai Shoniwa from The Noisettes is a star in the making. The Noisettes are an indie rock band who consist of guitarist Dan Smith, drummer Jamie Morrison and of course singer, Shingai Shoniwa. They have been plugging away since 2003, playing gigs all over London till they hit the big time South Londoner, Shingai is of Zimbabwean and English descent and has been described as one of the great front women of her time. I agree, she has definitely got the wow factor.

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VexInTheCity said...

Shingai's fab. She was in my class at school before she left to go to The Brits in Yr 9 I think it was. I wish her ever success, she deserves it and her fab is still as fab (if not even better) than it was at school. She was ALWAYS singing - she'd have our entire form in chorus! LOL

VexInTheCity said...

Edit - "Her VOICE is still as fab ...".

Shanti said...

Love this band, one of my faves at the moment. Saw them live for the first time at the Wirless Fest a few weeks ago - Shingai is a great performer, up and down the stage, really getting down, even ripped her dress! Yet her fab voice never faltered once! Definitely one to keep your eye on.

Angel said...

I love her, her style and grace
I too wish her and the band every sucess.

MsQuiche said...

The only true contender to Grace's throne. Love her.

Ondo Lady said...

Vexinthe City: She was in your class?!! Wow!! She comes across as having a really nice aura. Is she very tall?

Shanti: I would love to see them live.

Angel: She is really graceful to watch isn't she?

MsQuiche: Grace who?