Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Topshop NYC in 24 Hours

Have you ever wondered what Kate Moss was really like underneath all that glitz and fame? Well you will get a chance to find out in a riveting documentary that shows the chaotic build up to the opening of Topshop store in New York. Moss opened the New York branch of the hipper than hip shop in April to much fanfare and media hype. The programme also features Topshop boss, Phillip Green and it shows the manic preparations that took place in order to get the huge US flagship store ready to open on time. You get to see a la Moss in her real form, laughing, joking and taking the piss out of herself. I know we have reality shows coming out of our ears but you have to admit that this one looks a bit special.

I love this picture of her, I think the outfit she is wearing is really glamorous; the dress is very sexy with the split at the side but the leather jacket adds a new twist and makes it it look funky. Love her or hate her, Kate certainly knows how to put an outfit together. I am also loving the British references painted on the box with the Union Jack crown.

You can check out a preview of the show here.

You can catch Topshop NYC in 24 Hours on MTV One on 19 July at 9pm.

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VexInTheCity said...

I'm gonna watch this when it's on, she sounded a bit more human than she usually does in the ad I saw on MTV.

I didn't actually go into the NY branch when I was there last time. I went past it though and it was heaving! No point - it's not as if I'll be saving money, it's more expensive out there.

Ondo Lady said...

Yes it looks amaaazing!! I have always wondered what she was really like. I often thought the reason she remained quiet was because she had nothing to say hee hee. The doc is on Sunday 19th July at 9pm, MTV One. So set your Sky+ box.

Funnily enough I don't really go into Topshop at all, the one in Oxford Street makes me feel claustrapohic.

Catanya said...

She is amazing! And the jacket is love.

Kwana said...

This sounds great. I have to look for it here.

Nataliexxx said...

Just blog cruisin'...and I stumbled upon the little treasure that is yours! Glad I did, it's definitely about something <3

(And I agree with what you said about Topshop in Oxford Street... my friends think I'm odd but very large stores give me headaches, e.g. H&M -they all seem to be super sized! lol! I try my hardest to avoid them)

Much love


MsQuiche said...

I wanna watch just to see the perpetually mute Kate Moss, actually speak.

Ondo Lady said...

Catanya: Yes the jacket is lovely

Kwana: It might appear on youtube, I will drop you a link if I see it.

Nataliexxx: Thanks for your compliments

MsQuiche: Yes it will be good to see what comes out of her mouth.

Shanti said...

I'm tuning in. You always come with the xclusives Ondo Lady - love it!

Ondo Lady said...

Shanti: I do try, thanks a lot