Monday, 6 July 2009

Twenties Girl

With the success of her novel turned film, Confessions of a Shopaholic you would think that Sophia Kinsella would decamp to a beach somewhere exotic and live the life of riley. But oh no, this determined Ms is back at work and has a new book out called Twenties Girl. The story is about Lara whose life is in a bit of a mess, what with a floundering business and a business partner/best friend who has gone AWOL. To top that off she has just been dumped by her boyfriend - yes life really sucks for poor Lara. So when she is visited by the ghost of her great aunt, Sadie life seems to take a turn for the better. Sadie is a glamorous all dancing Charleston lady who lives life to the full and adds a lot of fun and delight into her niece’s life. However, Sadie has one request – that Lara will help her to look for her long lost necklace. As a big time Sophie Kinsella fan, I am quite looking forward to this book but what made it stand out to me is the marketing strategy. I think it is so cool that Transworld Publishers have decided to use the book trailer (read my blog post about book trailers here) to promote the title. The quirky little video uses wonderful animation with a voiceover from the protagonist set to Charleston music. I really love the images of the book pages flicking over. Great use of viral marketing.

4 cool comments:

Catanya said...

Wow, looking forward to this!!

Anonymous said...

The book itself sounds really good! I love the idea of a contemporary woman learning something from a feisty woman from the past.

IMHO, you were very kind about the animated ad!

Janice aka Miss Mad News said...

I was never really in to the shopaholic series. But I loved 'Can You Keep A Secret' and her last book 'Remember Me'.

Ondo Lady said...

Catanya: Yes it looks really good.

Migratingfishswim: I LOVE the animated ad.

Janice aka Miss Mad News: That is funny as the Shopaholics are my fav whilst I was not too keen on 'Can You Keep a Secret.' There are rumours that book may be made into a film. I have 'Remember Me' but I have not read it yet, saving it for a long plane journey.