Saturday, 20 November 2010

Online Blog Festival: Style Diaries

I do love a good book about bloggers and Style Diaries is certainly that. The book looks at today's most exciting and influential fashion bloggers and goes deep into what makes then tick. Written by Simone Werle, Style Diaries profiles 50 bloggers from all over the world such as Susie Bubble and Jane Aldridge, each blogger has 10 pages dedicated to them where they talk about their style, influences, likes and dislikes and why they blog. The profiles also contains pictures of the relevant blogger posing in their favorite outfits in various locations. I read this book in one sitting, mostly because I needed to review it for today but also because I found it to be utterly compelling. Not only did Style Diaries allow me to get into the head of bloggers that were familiar to me but it also introduces me to a whole lot of other blogging talent, moreover it is also brings home that we are part of a special community. This blogging community is filled with quirky, geeky, shy, creative, original folks who express themselves via fashion and blogging. Style Diaries celebrates the revolution of fashion blogging and how it has broken down the established fashion networks.

Style Diaries is available to buy from amazon.

This post is part of the Online Blog Festival special which runs over the weekend. Tomorrow I will be featuring Bloggers Delight which is a radio show on Bang 103.6FM.

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