Friday, 19 November 2010

Online Blog Festival

I will hold my hands up and admit that I have been stuck in a rut. Feeling uninspired and ragged from the flu bug I picked up last week but mostly from my lack of exposure to some serious creativity. Well that all changed this morning when I received my delivery from my amazon guy which contained Style Diaries which is a book that features various fashion bloggers around the world. I actually came across the title in this week's Grazia and decided that I needed to have it in my life. Then barely a few minutes later I got an email from Vice telling me about their Love Blogging project which focuses on five prominent fashion bloggers. So not only are bloggers visible at fashion shows and in magazines they are also have a presence in books and viral videos but it does not stop there; earlier this week Facehunter announced that he is shooting a new episode of The Facehunter Show in NYC and add that to Bloggers Delight which is one of the first radio shows to feature bloggers it certainly pays off to be a blogger. Well I decided it was time for The Musings of Ondo Lady to host an impromptu mini online Blog Festival which will celebrate the way blogging is affecting our lives through various mediums. We have the books, online video shows and now a radio show and who knows what the future will hold. The Online Blog Festival will run over the weekend and will kick off later today with Love Blogging and tomorrow I will be featuring be Style Diaries and on Sunday it will be Bloggers Delight.

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LaraLainThatsMyName said...

I think I need to buy that book!

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