Sunday, 16 January 2011

Meet Chuck Holliday - Multimedia and Digital Publishing Mogul

Chuck Holliday is a busy man and catching up with him can be quite a challenge. Well if you were holding down three jobs chances are that you would be slightly elusive too. As well as working in production for NBC (his day job) he also runs his own multimedia, digital publishing and visual production company called Chelca. He produces magazines such as G Style which is a hip digital publication, Avenue 1 which is an online cultural publication and Suite929 which focuses on NYC's newest area code. On top of that he has a variety of online programmes like Glamours Edge which is his own reality series that documents his life, The Late Night Alumni which covers NYC's nightlife industry and In My Stilettos which is a reality show starring a singer/model called D. Malone. Chuck works with a small tight team who keep things funky by having their ears to the ground. Chuck's third gig is working the digital development of new magazine, Bullett which dropped this month. I managed to nab him for ten minutes so I could interview him about his various exciting projects. 

You can check out Chelca here.

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