Friday, 14 January 2011

New York Winter Style

I have never been to New York in the winter before so it was interesting to see how I would cope with the weather and how my attire would shape up. I was told by a mate that fashion goes out the window when it comes to the bitter cold but I was still determined to be stylish as well as warm. So I packed my basics which comprised of black leggings. black socks, black lycra long sleeve tops along with an assortment of dresses. I also packed a few cardigans to wear on top of my dresses and brought my boots oh and of course a selection of woolly hats and scarves. It turns out that I was spot on, not only was my wardrobe functional for the cold it was also very feminine and girly girly. Well done me. As for the native New Yorkers, they did not let a deterrence called wind and snow get in the way of looking good. Part of the delights of my trip was the people watching that I got to do on the subway and on the streets of New York, (The Satorialist eat your heart out) and it all made very interesting watching.

The North Face
I first heard of this brand last year when my brother asked me to check the address of the shop as he was on the way to buy some stuff to get him through the British winter . Now my brother has very expensive taste so I knew that they did not come cheap. I could not move around New York without seeing someone in a North Face item whether it was a coat. jacket or a bag. It is quite clearly a brand to be reckoned with.
Hunters Wellies
When the snow hit yesterday these came out in full force as well as wellys from Kamik. I saw a few with the Burberry design as well and I even saw a lady donning a pair of Caterpillar Wellies and she looked mighty chic as well.

Woolly Hats
No self-respecting New Yorker is leaving their house without a hat on their head. They come in numerous colours, patterns, shapes and some even have a bobble on top. The hat that strikes me the most is the Aviator fur hat, I first saw this on Leon from Pbleepd but practically every New York guy is wearing them. I am told that they keep your ears warm. I showed a picture to little bro and he said that he loved them and needed to have one. They are also made in wool in various colours and patterns which I have seen a few ladies sporting.

Puffa Coats and Jackets
I bought my puffa coat as a last resort last year when my previous coat of many years failed me. I managed to find a great one from asos and it has served me well. However when I arrived in New York I found myself in good company because every other person has a coat like this. I have seen them short, medium, long, with snoods and hoodless. The most popular one is the Black coat with the fur trimmed hood. The type that B-boys wore in the 70s. Except now practically everyone from a hipster, to a Wall Street guy to a Park Avenue mom has one and they look great on all of them. I want one too!
Ear Muffs
I giggled when Ola from Diverse Traveller told me I would need these. Ear muffs have not been sighted since the 80s and as far as I was concerned they could stay there. Luckily I did not need them as the weather was not that extreme but apparently a few people in New York did as I spotted a few people wearing them. Some were stripy, coloured and few were in fur and to be honest they did not look that bad.

Fur Jackets
Saw a few of these about, they look wicked. I saw one lady in Starbucks (must have been a model) in a beige fur jacket along with a pleated skirt and boots. She looked divine.

Other trends that I spotted are: skinny jeans which are still going strong especially with the hipsters and stylish ladies. Ankle boots are worn more by high fashionistas who refuse to give up their heels for a bit of snow. Also there are still quite a few Uggs around but these are worn more in the milder weather and over skinny jeans and with a dress or a skirt. Another item that I saw were over the knee boots with a flat heel which not only looked practical but very stylish.

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