Saturday, 16 April 2011

Company Magazine The Reader Issue...Starring You!

Over the last couple of years Company magazine has gone from strength to strength. It is no longer that beige magazine that jostled for position on the shelf racks alongside Cosmopolitan and Glamour. After launching the magnificent High Street Edit last year to much aplomb, Company is now up there with the heavyweights pulling punches. I came across the May issue of Company yesterday while doing my weekly shop at Sainsburys and it immediately caught my eye not just for the fresh design but for the special Reader Issue. Company launched the idea of a model free issue three years ago as a way of featuring women with realistic body shapes. They have joined forces with River Island to create the Company Casting Call where 12 readers where chosen out of thousands to model in the publication wearing clothes from River Island. Two were even chosen for the cover with the winner featured inside in a cover spread. T4 presenter, Jameela Jamil writes a fabulous first person story encouraging young women to embrace their differences as she recounts on her painful childhood when she was bullied. This was a really inspiring piece that will resonate with lots of young girls out there, it certainly did with me. There is a feature on three women who are holding down several jobs in order to survive the economic climate and I am not just talking about domestic jobs either. For instance one lady is working as a teacher, singer, songwriter and journalist. Talk about keeping busy.
The Reader Issue also contains an intriguing piece on the how your birth order can effect your relationship. Also a quirky story featuring three guys discussing their girlfriend"s wardrobe and telling us what they think of it. Of course there are the odd celebrity interviews with Gossip Girl's, Leighton Meester, a short Q&A with Katy B, an intimate interview with Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Lopez is featured discussing beauty. My favourite piece is the interiors section where handbag designer, Hannah Griffiths show us round her like retro-kitsch flat which is simply to die for. Overall, Company The Reader Issue is a very sweet deal and it is really lovely to see readers being featured in stylish but yet genuine way. Next month is all about festivals as in which ones to go to, which artists to see and more importantly what the hell to wear. Now I am not a festivals person but must admit that the issue sounds appealing. With their new mobile site and their app for iPads, Company is certainly on fire.

Company: The Reader Issue...Starring You! is available to buy in the shops now.

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Jeno said...

Interesting mag! I wish it were available here in Spain too.

Bowling For Boobs Tour said...

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Sarah Louise said...

Hey! Nice post!! I loved the issue too!! Lot's of good articles to read!!! I'm the redhead on the front cover. I've just started my blog recently :).....happy blogging! said...


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Pierrot le Fou said...

I'll have to check it out! I adored this magazine called ElleGirl when I was younger that sadly got cancelled, it really promoted individuality which I think is so important with female magazines

disneyrollergirl said...

Haven't bought Company for years but i'll check this out. Sarah Louise looks great on the cover