Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Clothes Show

The 80s is a decade that will always be dear to me because it is when I spent most of my teens, discovered my love for books and magazines and also when TV was at its finest. There were some brilliant TV shows on in the 80s and one of them was The Clothes Show. It was the ultimate style bible and was showed the latest trends and what was hot in fashion. It was fronted by the frosty Selina Scott, the passionate designer Jeff Banks who apparently runs Graduate Fashion Week and the wonderful TV presenter, Brenda Emmanus. The cool and kooky Caryn Franklin joined a few years later to add an edge to the mix. The demise of the show in the 90s was a complete shock as it left a massive gap in fashion which was never really filled. Thankfully, The Clothes Show has been revived and is now alive and kicking on UKTV Style. Caryn Franklin is thankfully still there but she is joined by Brendan Courtnay and the sweet as apple pie, Louise Redknapp. I managed to catch an episode of the show and I was very impressed. The show is slicker than slick and has many exciting elements to it such as 'Catwalk Challenge' where Caryn is joined by a selection of fashion editors who provide tips on the seasons best buys. There is also stop and search where Louise stops chic looking people in the street to interrogate them about what they are wearing and where they got it from. Now I thought the Brits were a bashful lot when it came to being on camera but the people on The Clothes Show are totally at ease with this. There is also a great slot called 'Body Matters' where Caryn offers valuable advice about how to dress for your body and this week her muse was a young lady who was over six feet tall. Another great segment is 'Stop & Chop', where a celeb hairdresser grabs an unsuspecting punter and treats them to an impromptu new hairstyle. Thsi week we had Nicky Clarke tending to the tresses of a busy PR lady. All this packed in an hour. Whew, I felt pretty exhausted after watching The Clothes Show but very inspired at the same time. The snazzy production values and gorgeous cinematography really capture the excitement and vibrancy of the fashion scene and I will definately be tuning into the next show.

You can catch The Clothes Show on Monday at 10.00am on UKTV Style.

Picture courtesy of UKTV Style press office

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A show like this would be wasted on me!