Friday, 13 July 2007

Wicked Whispers

I have been reading a fabulous book that I cannot put down. I started a few days ago and have devoured every word. What is it called, I hear you cry. The book in question is called Wicked Whispers and it is written by former gossip columnist, Jessica Callan. Jessica was one of the 3am girls which included Polly Graham and Eva Simpson who wrote a very popular gossip page in The Mirror - one of Britain's popular tabloid. In fact the column was so popular that the high and mighty Vanity Fair not only sent over a journalist to shadow the showbiz ladies in action but they also devoted several pages in the magazine to them. During her five year reign at 3am, Jessica rubbed shoulders with many celebs, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, The Beckhams, you name em, Jessica and her pals got in there. As you can imagine Jessica was witness to many celeb shenanigans during her stint at the scandal sheet, sorry The Mirror and these are her memoirs and boy does she name and shame. I was actually quite shocked by some of the things that some of the celebs got up to and believe me I do not shock easily. Wicked Whispers is wicked in every sense and I enjoyed every page of it. The former 3am girl shows her journo skills with her infectious and hilarious writing style and I am sure she has a great future ahead of her as an author.

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Cali Mom said...

Congrats on the new page! I'm adding a link to your page on I can find you and so others can too!

Akin said...

I'm liking the new blog page.

I met one of the 3a.m girls at Glasto this year. She came across as really full of it. I guess that's how a majority of the industry players are like.