Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The Customer is Always Right

A glossy magazine is just what any lady needs to cheer her up, something to read in the bath or curled up on a sofa. Take a look in a newsagent and you will see magazines that cover the walks of life. There are consumer magazines aimed at a particular niche like Marie Claire, Vogue and Elle and there are business publications like Estate Gazette, Media Week and Accountancy Age. There is also the customer magazine; this is where a business like BT or IKEA contract a specialist publisher to produce a magazine that they will send out to their customers or distribute inside their store. Thousands of titles are published every month such as The AA magazine and SKY-The magazine. The ones I like the best are Desire which is produced by Debenhams, Dare from Superdrug and the new ASOS magazine. Dare which was formerly known as Spirit was distributed free in the Superdrug stores every month and kept us up to date with the latest in beauty news. However since early this year it has been revamped, buffed up and now goes under the new name of Dare. Oh and also has a new price of 50p. The ASOS magazine has taken the lead of Glamour and gone for the mini me size; it is cute and packed with news and features on fashion and beauty. These magazines are very top notch and very inspiring.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pay 50p for ASOS magazine,I have recieved the last two issues free because I used to be a 'faithful customer'but there's nothing in there but a catalogue of what they're offering-why would I speng 50p when I could just peruse the actual site?


p.s. nice website Onda!

Ondo Lady said...

Dare is 50p, the asos magazine is sent out free for subscrbing customers. Thanks for your comment.

Lorrie said...

Ah! I love those free magazines!

This site is GREAT for more blog exposure, but IMO, nothing beats Yahoo! 360. Way more things to do and get creative at Yahoo....

Take care!