Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Never before have the lives of celebrities been under so much scrutiny. They are everywhere from magazines, newspapers, TV and websites. Film stars, models, pop stars and athletes, it doesn't matter what they do - the intimate details of their lives are up for grabs. This has been illustrated by the success of weekly gossipy magazines such as Look, Heat and Hello. In keeping with this trend a new programme started yesterday called, Dirt and it stars Courteney Cox who is better known as Monica Geller from Friends. If like me you are a fan of the comedy don't get excited because Lucy Spiller who Cox plays is nothing at all like our anal retentive mate. Cox plays the editor-in-chief of a sleazy gossip magazine named Dirt that concentrates on the lives of the celebrity A List. Lucy is ambitious, calculating and totally ruthless, she will stop at nothing to get the next exclusive. Rather akin to the character Cox played in teen slasher, Scream, Lucy is a total bitch but you know what - I love her! I am so addicted to this series that I watched the first three episodes back to back on dailymotion.com. Dirt is aired on Five on Monday at 9.00pm.

Picture courtesy from Five TV press office

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