Sunday, 19 August 2007

How to be a Property Developer

I have always been into property so I tuned into the return of How to be a Property Developer on Five last week. The show follows the lead of Channel 4's legendary Property Ladder but instead of having Sarah Beeny handing out tactful comments we have property expert, Gary McCausland slating the aspiring property gurus. The series which is set over 10 weeks sees two teams attempt to make a fortune buying, developing and selling various properties. Handed a mere £250,000 both teams set about trying to make their fortune in bricks and mortar. Paula and Lynsey are tough talking ladies based in Scotland who have given up work to concentrate on their passion which is property. They have decided to start with what they know and will be investing their £250,0o0 on a flat in Edinburgh. Best mates Dan and Daniel are two London professionals who see property as a way to finance their lush lifestyles as well as meeting their goal to become millionaires. How to be a Property Developer made its debut two years ago and proved to be very popular and is now back for a third series. The programme fits in well among Five's other quality property programmes such as Getting on the Property Ladder and the iconic House Doctor.

How to be a Property Developer airs on Five on Thursdays at 8.00pm.

Picture provided from Five press office

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Mrs Fashion said...

Mr Fashion and I are very sad that Build a New Life in the Country (our fave TV prog) has been replaced by this show! We miss Geordie George!
Mrs F x

Rollergirl said...

Ooh looks good. I wish my telly was working...