Thursday, 2 August 2007

Simone Williams

What do you get when you blend the originality and delicacy of designer pieces with the accessibility of high street chic? The answer is a delightful fashion label called Simone Williams whose latest collection has been inspired by the ultra glamour goddess herself, Marilyn Monroe. Using leather strips as her trademark, Williams produces a selection of delectable dresses that any lady would be proud to put on her back. Looking for that special dress for a cocktail party or a dinner or a posh do then look no further. Simone Williams is owned, designed, packaged and managed by the dynamic duo of Simone Williams and Ronke Lawal. With just three years under their belts, these two feisty women have a lot to celebrate as they have just signed a deal to have the label sold in Moborak, a chic boutique based in Leeds. I caught up with the ladies to find out what's all and good in the glamorous life of fashion.

How did the two of you meet?
We met on the council estate that we grew up on – in our local park at around 8 years of age.

Who performs what role in your partnership?
Simone is the creative vision behind the label, she designs and makes the pieces as well as styling for shoots and fashion shows. I am the business-minded entity – focusing on the organisation, marketing and branding of the label.

What are the brand qualities of your label?
Strong sense of femininity and sensuality make up the core vision behind the Simone Williams brand. It’s the wearability of each garment that reflects Simone’s desire to celebrate the beauty of womanhood, hoping that any woman that sees a Simone Williams dress will see herself in it.

What do you get your ideas from when designing your items?
Simone gets her ideas from everything and anything – a simple flower in the garden or the city landscape can excite her creative energy and drive her to design something amazing.

Which designers do you admire?
Roberto Cavalli and Oscar de la Rente

What is your take on celebrities who are now designing collections?
Its an interesting new trend, the main idea being following a desire to dress like the celebrity designing the clothes. It can take away attention from new and raw talent on the market however fashion is a business which can be quite biased; focusing more on who you know than what you know. We feel that regardless of this fact quality and talent always shines through eventually.

What are your grand plans for Simone Williams?
To take the brand to the international arena – this is more than just another fashion label. We’re here to stay and really want the whole world to one day be able to see this home grown talent from Hackney, East London . We would love to be able to take part in the world Fashion Weeks and supply major international boutiques and stores. It can only get bigger and better from this point onwards.

Where can people buy your collection?
They can log onto and as of next week Mobarak – 1 Harrogate Road, Leeds.

Picture from Simone Williams

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