Sunday, 26 August 2007

Life in the Fab Lane

Kimora Lee Simmons is fine; she has the looks, smarts and personality to be an iconic brand. In other words, girlfriend's got it going on. She is a successful model, CEO of a 'phat' fashion label called Baby Phat, author of a best selling book, mother of two cutsey mini me daughters and the ex wife of hip hop mogul, Russell Simmons. Kimora is all about pop culture so with reality TV being all the rage who is she (Kimora) to turn her nose down at her own reality show? Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane made its debut on the Style channel a few weeks ago. Now I do not know that much about Kimora, don't get me wrong I know exactly who she is; I have seen her guest appearances in films like Brown Sugar and Beauty Shop and read several articles on her. I have also read her book, Fabulosity - well I managed to get through three chapters before giving up the ghost. So after much talk about this show on blogsphere I was very curious to check it out. My first impressions on the show is that it is very large and the word bling comes to mind. Everything about the show is OTT from Kimora's chinzty furniture to her extensive Louis Vuitton luggage that is especially hand made and her huge mansion. However what stands out is Kimora's personality which can be described as loud, outgoing and very very dynamic. What is clear is that she accepts nothing less than 100% from her staff and when watching her berate them you could be forgiven for calling her a cow. A woman who decides that she is so busy that she needs to hire a third assistant and who yells out questions like 'Where is my Blackberry' and "Do you know if I am free for a meeting on Friday?" sounds like very high maintenance. Still she does have her endearing points; she is a loving and fun Mum and is very up front. Kimora does not suffer fools gladly and if she is not happy with something she will express it then and there. You do not get any bitchy comments and back stabbing from Kimora. Life in the Fab Lane is total indulgence and frivolous TV. Will I be tuning in to watch it next week? Hell yeah!!

Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane is on the Style Network on Sundays.

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Rollergirl said...

God I so want to watch this. There is something really appealing about her. I discovered her book by Googling my favourite word 'fabulosity' (yeah, I was bored OK?) and decided to buy it there and then. It's all very American and OTT but it's a brilliant book for self belief and self motivation. I must say from what I've seen of Babyphat it's naff as hell and she does come across as hard work but at the same time, you gotta love a strong woman, no?

akin aworan said...

Good luck to her and her show. I saw an interview with her and R.S and I thought, "I know who wears the trousers in this relationship!!" (this was before the divorce, by the way!)