Thursday, 20 September 2007

The Insider

Ok, it's Piers Morgan mark II. No I am not obsessed with him, I swear. I am just riveted by tales of sleaze and scandal. The Insider, which is Mr Morgan's memoirs written when he was editing the Daily Mirror provides plenty of sleaze and scandal in akimbo. The auto-bio takes us through momentous occasions in history such as Blair's election victory, 9/11, the war on Iraq and Princess Diana's death. There are also not so momentous ones like his interview with Jordan, his spat with Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson and close shave with the law for purchasing unethical shares. This book is a real page turner what with Pier's dry observations and his witty one liners. He proves that to be the Editor of the nation's 2nd best loved newspaper you need to have talent, verve and a lot of front. Oh boy does Piers have some front as he stands up to Tony Blair, his nemesis, Alistair Campbell and his tyrant of a boss/friend Kelvin McKenzie. This book is brilliantly documented and reflects Pier's relationships with key people like Princess Diana, Sarah Ferguson, The Blairs, Gordon and Sarah Brown, Alistair Campbell and Peter Mandelson so you are presented with a vivid picture of what they are (or were in Diana's case) like. You get to find out how charming but manipulative Diana could be, why Cherie hated Piers so much, how Mandelson shaped the new-Labour dynasty and how Campbell controlled it and ooooh you even get a glimpse of what the Blairs and Browns really think of each other. This book is so juicy that I think it deserves another read and I never read books twice unless I am really really bored. I wonder how this will tally up to Cherie's auto-bio that is due out next year? Something tells me it won't hold a candle to it.

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