Monday, 2 November 2009

Review: Stylist

You know a magazine is going well when they upped the price or it's gets an upgrade of paper. Hence that Stylist magazine has gone from a matt surface to an all new glossy one. Not bad considering it is only four issues in. Most freebie mags for women have been cheap and nasty or boring as mud; remember Ms London, Girl About Town and Nine to Five? The quality of Stylist is awesome, it has a really well planned out editorial, great images and fantastic stories. More importantly it has been greeted with open arms by a metropolitan women in the UK who love the fact that is is rammed full of information but is also classy, stylish and experimental.

As they say content is king and it is these elements that makes this glossy weekly a joy to read.

  • Scoop has all the latest news
  • Work Life is a day in the life of a successful professional.
  • Listings is a funky listings page
  • Dawn Porter Shares is the musings of a girl about town. Every good magazine needs a journo who muses about their life but not all of them catch the imagination of the readers. Dawn Porter does though and her stories from anything from choosing the right bra, almost ruining her mates wedding her dilemma on what to buy her boyfriend for his birthday are very endearing.
  • Beauty Notes shows the latest products on the beauty scene
  • Quiet Night In devotes itself to books, dvds and music
  • Sixty Second Therapist is where a celeb answers intimate questions about their career and life.

Issue four with Claudia Winkleman has a fabulous piece on the pros and cons of the iPhone and the Blackberry but from a girlie perspective. Definately my favourite article so far.
With ads from L'Oreal, Yves Saint Laurent, Omega, French Connection and American Express, Stylist certainly means business. Along with top notch cover stars such as Angelica Joile, Kate Moss and Michelle Obama I wonder what else the magazine is going to pull out of its bag. Overall the verdict is a great whooping pass. The art direction may not be as exciting as Style magazine, Stella and YOU but Stylist is one hell of a classy act and amazing quality for a freebie. Long may it continue.

Stylist is available every Wednesdays in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. If you miss a copy then it will also be available from various branches of French Connection.

4 cool comments:

SweetStar said...

I read this the other day and found it soo boring. It was almost, almost as bad as Grazia! I thought it was just one big advert and had no substance at all, and was not in the least bit entertaining. ( ms london was so weird, it wasn't even a magazine, it was just a group of loose papers with writing on it.)
I mean its free, so i'll read it, but i didn't like it(obviously lol )

Eden said...

I've read this magazine on 2 occasions but contrary to SweetStar, i wouldn't say it was dead boring. It wasn't the best magazine i've read in ages either. I particulalrly liked the girl about town's piece about finding the perfect bra. I liked the way she narrated the story. What i find slightly off putting is the layout of the mag and all the text in it. For some reason it looks too wordy which equates to long and tideous to read.

It obviously has a good market for it to have upgraded in such a small space of time so i say well done to it's owner/s and good luck.

NorthWestLondonGirlInTheCountry said...

I haven't read this magazine, and I am a bit of glossy addict, you've sold me on this, and shall rush out and buy it tomorrow - thanks .....

Ondo Lady said...

SweetStar - Always to hear another perspective :)

Eden - The girl about town is very good and relatable.

NorthWestLondonGirlinTheCountry - The magazine is FREE! They hand it out in central London or you can pick up a copy in French Connection.