Friday, 27 November 2009

TGI Friday

I know it's been a while since TGI Friday graced its presence but I'm afraid life got in the way. The last week has resulted in a bit of a blog fest with a lot of people writing posts about blogging culture and the relationship we have with PRs. It has all made for some provocative reading. So here we are with the blog posts that have rocked my world this week.

Over the world magazine circulations are declining and this blog looks at the reasons why and on the flip side why blogs are so popular.

Lipstick Rules
The International Make Up Artists Trade Show (IMATS) took place in Toronto last weekend and every beauty blogger in town made their way down to the event. Lipstick Rules reviews the event and discuses how beauty bloggers are perceived by PRs.

Liberty London Girl
Everyone's favourite blogger gives us the nitty gritty on the relationship between bloggers and PRs.

This post picks up where Liberty London Girl left off with a dummies guide aimed at PRs on how to deal with bloggers.

Girl With a Satchel
This essential read for glossy magazine addicts talks about the love fest that magazines are having with fashion bloggers.

Pic taken from Divalocity.

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Brandy Shaloo said...

Liberty London Girls article about bloggers/PR was great.