Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My Space - Yrsa Daley-Ward from This Will Not Last

It takes a brave chick to up sticks and set up home albeit temporary in another country but that is exactly what Yrsa Daley-Ward did this year when she set off to South Africa. In between modeling and pursuing her acting dreams, Yrsa writes features, short stories and songs. She recently set up a blog which displays her personal and working life home and abroad. This Will Not Last contains Yrsa's random thoughts on drinking, working on a photo shoot and life in South Africa and is really fascinating to read. I caught up with her to find out where she blogs.

Describe the concept of your blog.
There is no real set concept for my blog - it is a very new personal blog documenting my life and experience as a model, woman, traveller...etc. I try to include things which inspire me, annoy me, make me laugh, make me think. Who knows where it will end. As I said, it's very early days but I have posted pictures from shoots and hope to continue featuring things of interest, rants, pictures and accounts of my the places that I go and the people that I meet.

Where do you scribe?
I scribe in my apartment on the sofa, and sometimes in bed.

Why that place?
I am most relaxed when in my own space, in the middle of the day, or on an evening after work.
What is on your sofa at the moment?
My writing pad and my remote control are currently on my sofa. Neither of them have been touched in a while.

What form of inspiration do you have on the wall.
My walls are bare. Brick walls actually. Perhaps I will rectify this. Perhaps then I will have more to write in my writing pad.

Do you keep a tidy office or are you a messy worker?
I am a messy person, but not a messy worker. I always know where my books, laptops and pens are. Everything else...not so much.

You can check out Yrsa's blog here.

You can follow her on Twitter.

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