Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Thrift America

One of the many cool things that America are famous for are their wonderful thrift shops which host an abundance of quirky stuff such as home interiors, books, records and of course clothes. There was a time when only the geeky kid or the poor trailer kid ventured into thrift stores to pick up a bargain but ever since the vintage renaissance every fashionista is in and out of those places. I will admit that thrift stores have caught my attention so I was really pleased when I heard that Alexa Chung will be fronting a new show called Thrift America where she will be travelling round the States looking around consignment shops, garage sales and flea markets for objects of delights. She will be co-hosting the show with Maya Singer, editor of and the duo will be stopping off at cities such as Orlando, Detroit, Nashville, Alabama and Brooklyn. They also go to Paris and London which is fantastic but a bit odd considering that the show is called Thrift America. I am not a huge Alexa fan, her charms are totally lost on me but I cannot deny that she is perfect for this show what with her grungy and quirky(ish) style but this show sounds totally irresistible. For a start the first episode kicks off at London Fashion Week with Alexa helping gothic jewellery designer, Pamela Love set up a pop-up shop and you know how I feel about pop-up shops. Ooohh I can feel myself getting excited as I type.

Thrift America will be aired next summer on PBS. No dates have been set for the UK but as soon as I get them I will keep you posted.

Image taken from Alexachungworld.

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