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Stylelikeu Trailer from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.
I love checking out new websites especially those on style and fashion and it is really cool to read one that brings such a personal touch. As technology progresses and social media blurs the lines between voyeurism and intrusion the web gives us a variety of content to feast on. Stylelikeu is a site that features stylish people and delves into their lives to find out what makes them tick, their influences, likes and dislikes and motivations. The website contains a profile on each person along with great images, a short bio and quote from the interviewee. However the USP of the Stylelikeu are the wonderful videos made which features the interviewees talking about their wardrobe, (they go through different outfits and talk about why they bought them) music, their careers and most importantly why fashion is so important to them. So while The Satorialist and Facehunter capture people on the street, with a Selby (esq) feel Stylelikeu shows them inside their homes.
Stylelikeu was set up by mother and daughter team, Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum in 2008 in order to provide an outlet for people who express themselves through their clothes. The aim of the website is to provide a platform where these people can connect with like-minded people. Stylelikeu now comprise of a team of 15 who work hard behind the scenes. The brand has become so successful that they have extended into book publishing with their first book to be released next April. I really love this website and find it genius and in an era where everyone and their dog is setting up a website this one really stands out. Elisa is the former fashion editor of US Glamour and has worked as a stylist while daughter, Lily is studying film and anthropology at NYU so they both know what they are doing.

You can check out Stylelikeu here.

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