Sunday, 27 March 2011

Essex Fashion Week

Some people thought it was a made up event but I can assure you that Essex Fashion Week was indeed real. The event was founded last year by twins, Adam and Simon Ryan and the idea was to make some noise about Essex and show that the county is much more than fake bakes, white stilettos, vajazzles and nail extensions. Essex Fashion Week kicked off last Thursday and yours truly took a trip down to Fairlop to check out Essex's fashionistas. The name Essex Fashion Week was rather optimistic as it only took place over three days. Thursday was press day, Friday was for student's to display their wares and Saturday was the main day were all the celebrities were in tow. Taking place in a spacious marquee, there were a smattering of celebrities such as Jo Wood and a few stars from The Only Way is Essex aka TOWIE, until yesterday I had never seen the show so I did not recognise the TOWIE stars. I am aware that Essex Fashion Week was incorporated into the show as a few members of the cast took part in it.  For such a low brow event it certainly notched up quite a few decent sponsors such as New Look as headline sponsor and Funky Mojoes and I hear that Janice Dickinson came on board as host on Saturday.
New Look were up first with their collection of denim shorts, waistcoats and lycra jerseys for women and bermuda shorts and tshirts that were perfect for the Essex man to show off their pecs on the beach at Ibiza or Barbados. Then there was One Off One You which is the label of Adam and Simon Ryan where we saw blazers accented with colours and worn over bare chests. Cherie"s Boutique was a delightful mix of flowing dresses that would be certain to impress at a cocktail party.  Idol is a new fresh label from New Look which has a vintage feel and they showed off their jumpsuits, boyfriend blazers and printed tshirts. Sweet Boy designed by Jay Lloyd Samuel who is a footballer and it is a cute kids wear which comprises of over sized blazars, shorts and sweatshirts. Believing is a boutique in Buckhurst which contains funky directional wares such as a jackets with pointy shoulder pads, sequined dresses and distressed harem pants. Then we saw A Pot of Marmite which was certainly memorable with ruffled bikinis and provocatively cut out swimsuits - lets say the phrase "You either love it or hate it" was appropriate.
What did I think of the event? Well I applauded the flamboyance and glitz that the event exuded - one thing about Essex is that they do not do things by half and the country certainly has the wow factor. As I mentioned the event took place in a marquee with Fairlop Waters as a backdrop and as well as a champagne reception there was a free bar and a chocolate mountain together with a fruit one. There was a goody bag on each seat which contained a lovely beaded bracelet and matching necklace from 1 and a cute scarf as well as a copy of Celebrity & Style Now magazine. The organisation was a bit mishap with a few technical difficulties with the music and I was quite surprised to hear that Thursday was actually a trial run. You would think that they would invite the press down after all the kinks had been ironed out. Still overall Essex Fashion Week was an enjoyable day and a great way to celebrate all that is fabulous about the county. Now all I want to know is when there is going to be a Kent Fashion Week.

Thanks to Sassi PR for inviting me.

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