Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Blogging Tools

I came across this cute post on Mademoiselle Robot where she talks about the items she uses for blogging and I thought I would do one myself and I managed to rope Wendi from Wendi B Writes and Uche from Lets Go Deeper into doing one as well.

Apple Macbook
This is poignant because I wrote my first ever blog post on here. I love it because I can crank out posts in bed and on the sofa and I can also amend images too. It is quite heavy to take around so I might think about getting a netbook or an iPad.

Fuji camera
I bought this around five years ago when I realised I needed a digital camera to take images with and it has certainly served me well. The images are clear and I have several options that allows me to amend the pictures. I can even film stuff which is great as I have started doing vlogs. The DSLR lens makes it difficult to take a bad picture.

Vauxhall Scout notebook
I got this as a freebie from London Fashion week and it really suits me. I always carry a notepad around with me to jot down ideas when I got the odd brain wave; I am not really fond of tiny notepads (not enough space for all my bright ideas) and the A4 notepads are a bit too big to carry around so this A5 size is perfect and the patterned hardback cover gives it a really lovely feel.

Blackberry Torch
I had the Bold 9700 but upgraded to the Torch a month ago and so far I am impressed. First of all the larger screen gives me an accurate indicator of how much copy I have written in the notes section unlike the Bold which had a tiny screen. The browser is really cool and is pretty fast so I can check out websites and blogs. However it is the camera that pulls the punches; the images are super quality and almost rival my camera.

HP TouchSmart
Occasionally I use my desktop to blog which is nice because of the extra large screen and the inbuilt speakers which allows me to blast out my music.

Additional equipment that would make my life a lot more easier are the iPad, Flip Camcorder and a Netbook. I welcome sponsors with open arms.

Check out the blogging tools that Wendi B and Uche use.

What blogging tools do you use?

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Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

My blogging tools, let me see. My camera of course, I have tons of SD cards to save photos on, flip cam which I have yet to use. I intend to do a few videos for the blog but that's another story, and recently added I have a wand scanner. I haven't had the opportunity to use it since everyone else loves it just as much as I do, and that's all I have at the moment

LetsGoDeeper said...

That HP Touchsmart looks like it will swallow me whole, it's massive, Lol. Cool post, and a great idea.

Emma said...

Ah I love being nosy about other people's blogging tools!

I use a laptop for my daily work, my little Dell netbook when I'm on the train and my iPhone for tweeting and writing up draft posts or ideas. I'm tempted to get a flip cam, but I don't use my normal camera enough to justify the purchase. I've also got a Filofax crammed with bits and pieces I've picked up for blogs.

Wendi B said...

You use way more techy type things that I do! Even though you and I are on Team Blackberry, I'm with Let's Go Deeper on the Apple/Microsoft argument. I'm a PC and my work here is done! :)

Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting ipad2...would be a great blogging tool.

Ms Afropolitan said...

I've been blogging on my macbook from day 1 but now that i'm back in school I started using the school computers too and I agree there is something about all that big space on the screen :) Also, have been reminded that PCs are not all bad, some functions are smoother, like the right click.

As for ipads, i'm a lucky owner and it's a great little machine, but I have found myself using it a lot less to blog than I thought I would and a lot more to watch TED and youtube and read on ibooks. Basically, it is a blissful procrastination companion.

Cindey said...

Ooo At th moment I am a apple lover so I use my Mac and iPhone 4 to blog. I also use a fuji or is or samsung camera but it's not that good so I am lookin to save up for a nikon d7000 also iPad 2 has just came out so tht would be an amazing gadget to blog from and tweet to th world :) I want to start a vlog on my blog so th d7000 would be a great investment I think.
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