Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Britannia Rocks

London Fashion Week (LFW) has come round again amidst a time packed with glamorous media festivities such as the BAFTAS and the Brit Awards. The British Fashion Council have organised a mouth watering menu of catwalk shows from cutting edge designers such as Gareth Pugh, Christopher Kane and the new darling Emma Cook. As well as the new wave there is the established posse such as Betty Jackson, Caroline Charles and the grand dame in the shape of Vivienne Westwood. LFW is always an amazing event full of excitement bordering on hysteria. In between the shows there are lots of launches and champagne receptions and lets not forget all the activities in press room. Every night there is a slinky party where the fashion pack can shake their designer clad booty to the cool beats.

Oh and then there is the Exhibition which plays host to over two hundred designer labels, from established to up and coming and brand spanking new. It is also where the buyers and owners hang out sipping Moet hoping to nail that huge order that will pay for their jet set lifestyle. If you think the catwalk looks glamorous then you really need to take a trip down here. On the ground floor you have jewellery, bags, footwear and millinery and upstairs is where the ready to wear collections are. Taking a browse through the Exhibition can be pretty daunting as you are looked over head to toe by perfectly coiffed fashionistas. What is funny is the way they all look immediately at your pass; obviously to see if you are a buyer from a large store. Those curious looks then turn to fake smiles when they realise that you are press. This year the Exhibition which is sponsored by Topshop, who welcome a revamped New Gen which showcases the works of some of the most promising names in fashion. Hip labels such as Christopher Kane, House of Holland, Duru Olowu, Erdem and Todd Lynn all hold court here. As you enter this section you experience a total new vibe that is cool and shaking. Gone is the smooth albastor interior and in its place is a space that is akin to an old fashioned boozer with that touch of hippy hippy shake. It comes complete with a bar, dartboard and of course a pool table. New Gen is definately the place with LFW embracing the best of Brit talent.

So much that this week's Grazia celebrates this by producing a special 'Britain Rocks Again' issue which shows model, Agyness Deyn on the cover carry the Union Jack. The magazine also has Aygness and her mate, Henry Holland aka House of Holland, adopting the infamous pose that Patsy Kensit and Liam Gallagher did in Vanity Fair back in the 90s. Grazia also features other Brit idols from the entertainment industry.

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