Friday, 1 February 2008

Project Catwalk 3

Don't laugh but I only signed up for Sky last year so I missed out on the first series of Project Catwalk with the divine Liz Hurley. I am now rapidly catching up via YouTube. I am beginning to wonder how I ever coped before that amazing invention. I throughly enjoyed the second series of Project Catwalk albiet my shock when dumpy, Kelly Osborne was given the presenter's gig. No matter how I try I cannot bring myself to like that girl. Maybe it is her awful dress sense, her obnxious manner or the fact that she possess no talent whatsoever. Anyway - mini rant over - as you all know the second series ended with wonder boy, Wayne Aveline taking the crown and all the perks that came with it. I had my bet on Monika Rene with her flair and feistiness. Didn't you just love the sparring contest between her and Julien McDonald?

The third series started a few weeks ago and I have managed to catch some of it but what I have seen it seems to be more fight than fashion. Contestants bickering over trivial matters. Anyway it is the same format as last year; 13 contestants competing for the sum of £25,000, a spread in Grazia magazine and the chance to design a clothing range for catalogue, Oli. Now I am not one to turn my nose up at clothing labels but surely no aspiring fashion designer wants to be associated with a catalogue. It would be different with if you were an established designer and created a diffusion range to bring in some readies and make your line more accessible. The winner of Project Runway gets to show at New York Fashion Week, now that in my opinion is huge and much more beneficial to any designer's career than a catalogue deal. So how about next year's winner getting a gig at London Fashion Week? That is something I would love to see.

Project Catwalk 3 is on Sky One on Wednesday at 9.00pm

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Kwana said...

I don't know about this show. Thanks. I'm running over to you tube to fine some episodes. I agree with you about the prize. Not very glam is it?

Brigitte said...

I'm no Liz Hurley fan but after watching the first season with Kelly (a woman I find loathsome,) I found myself wishing that Liz would come back. She's not pretty, fashionable, talented or intelligent. I don't get her appeal and it seems she just won't go away.

Anonymous said...

i know i now live on the backside of nowhere, but until i started reading PC blogs, i thought it was just i having to make dentist appointments b/c i've been grinding my teeth over miz osborne. (i MUST admit i DID wonder about her when she first appeared on PC season 1; some foreboding when ben de lisi was getting on my last nerve and i was slack-jawed over j. macdonald's nastiness.

hee hee hee..."it seems she just won't go away". thank you!

i wish the UK version of PC would give us trinny and susannah as judges and hosts or bring back Queer Eye for fashion, martinis, and fun.

just thank you all for saving me from a kelly/de lisi/macdonald/bad designer stroke. and i really did try to watch if for no other reason than to see london, one of my favorite places on the planet (versus where i live now, NOT my favorite place on the planet, at all)