Wednesday, 20 February 2008

In the Red

I started reading this book in January when myself, the whole world and his dog were totally skint after the Christmas activities. In the Red is the story of Alexis Hall, a 39 year old journo turned PR, who has very expensive taste in clothes, shoes, make up and all other goodies which results in her ending up in severe debt. Sounds familiar? Umm yes, it does sound very much like The Shopaholic series but there are fundamental differences. In the Red is a bio that is set out in diary form; Alexis comes up with a strategy that will see her debtfree in a few years and unlike our beloved shopaholic, Becky Bloomwood, she actually sticks to it. Sassy Scot, Alexis hits a rock and a hard place when she realises how much debts she has racked up over the years. In total her personal debt is a whooping £30,000, give or take a few pounds. After a stint of self reckoning Alexis decided to turn over a new leaf and starts spending her money on simply bare essentials over the next year. Can she subcumb to the temptations of cute boutiques and swanky stores on her high street? Well it remains to be seen. This book reminds me a lot of Save Karyn, the cult hit about a gal about town who is on a mission to clear her debts. Alexis' witty and amiable style realy draws you in and has you rooting for her. She may be up to her ears in debt but this lady is no victim.

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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Fantastic review!! It sounds like a book that I'd definitely enjoy. I didn't read the Shopaholic series, but I should check that out too. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Starlet aka Minutestar said...

@ brown girl gumbo: the Shopaholic series is definitely a must read.

@ ondo lady: thanks for the review - i'm really curious about this book now - it's definitely on my list.

Y said...

I think I'll read this book now. Great review!